Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake Havasu Asks, "What About Me?"

The Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce has hosted candidate forums before, but this year they aslo asked if candidates will fill out this survey of what our plans are and what they have to do w Lake Havasu.

Here's what I said;

1) Why Are You Running For Office? I am running for office because the "conservative values agenda" over the past 40 yrs has mismanaged my country to the point of near collapse and civil war. So we find ourselves in a sense of national emergency where good citizens should act. I have spent my life working on being what I believe is good citizenship, so I must act. When I looked at the problem of the GOP destruction of the country I worked to challenge them in a variety of ways before coming to believe that my particular skill set could best be used to form a political campaign to throw the traitors out of power, to cause the public to see the error of the GOP ways. I worked in other people's campaigns enough to learn I had to take up the battle myself and I could make the biggest difference being being a candidate.

2) What Are Your Qualifications?  My most important qualification, which my opponents appear to not have, is that I care about the lives of all Americans, especially those who suffer at the hands of the powerful and wealthy, and that empathy shapes my decision making. I do not look at who has the most power and how do I advance them and garner reward for myself. This is the central difference between myself and candidates and politicians who promote the "conservative values agenda." Beyond that, I have numerous expected skills for a candidate: I am creative, intelligent, fun, apparently charismatic, extremely persistent and willing to push myself to make things work. I am very good at bargaining, both in pressing to get what I am after, but also in helping the other person feel like a winner and a collaborator. I am well educated and keep informed. Plus, I can multi-task to an extraordinary degree.

3) How Do You Plan to Support Business? I plan to invite business to help shape my agenda within these parameters. I want business to feel that the government is here to support and not to harm and then of course, business needs to act like government is an ally, not an enemy to do their part in promoting partnerships. I plan to improve infrastructure and increase government spending in community and infrastructure development. I plan to evaluate existing restrictive regulations and where possible, eliminate them or pare back on the oppressive components, but not at the expense of protecting the general public from abusive or exploitative business practices. I plan to promote a 21st century economy and provide transition support from the 20th century petroleum based economy to a 21st century diversified energy resource based economy. Lastly, I pledge to fight against the attacks on government social services, which shatter consumer spending power and weken citizen confidence.  

4)  What Will Your Duties & Responsibilities Be If You Are Elected? My number one duty is to act in a way that stays focused on doing things to improve the lives of 1st the residents of AZ-04 and then the country as a whole. It is my duty to support people, plans and processes that advance the wellbeing of our country and against actions that harm us. With that in mind, my responsibilities must include: 1) Being attentive to opinions of both my supporters and detractors, 2) Keeping my re-election campaign and party politics from directing my decisions. 3) Finding the truth in disputes, no matter whose side ultimately proves to be right. 4) Applying my creativity and the problem-solving power of the best team I can assemble to address AZ-04 issues continuingly, 7 days a week at the same pace I have campaigned for the job. & Lastly, 5) Negotiating the political landscape in a way that focuses on building allies not unscrupulously inventing and attacking enemies at the expense of the common interest.

5) What are the top three issues in our state? The number one issue for Arizona is water, in specific, but utilities in general: Our country is veering toward a water crisis and AZ is the leading edge. We must have a way to generate the water needs for the present, of course, but having sufficient water resources is the only way to build a bigger economic future for the state. Solar generated power en masse, the safe development and utilization of our gas and coal resources is part of this issue as is erecting a fully expanded grid of electricity and communication services is part of path to future of AZ. Next is rural development. 21st century business practices make it possible to develop rural access to services and products as never before. AZ's rural communities are ripe for interests that want to develop, not exploit them. Lastly, our emaciated educational system in the state must be reinvigorated if we are ever going to have a society that benefits all its citizens. Educating the poor, rural and marginalized is the best way to improve the business climate: better educated workers and consumers make the economy better for everybody.

6) What State Or Federal Issues Do You See As Having A Positive Or Negative Effect On Business In Lake Havasu? The GOP's continuing attack on education and social services is the single greatest threat to Lake Havasu. Separately, the ACA's potential to improve the lives of workers and the operating practices of businesses is routinely dismissed at best, or more often attacked by the right; but this canard has about had its day. The discussion of the future of renewable energy sources (sun, wind, bio-algae--all of which are being developed in the area) should be a legislative item every session. The same with the water issues I mentioned above matter to LHC, as does the discussion about infrastructure for transportation, communications and energy. Lastly and this is separate of the GOP complaints above, the GOP's insistence on creating and passing state laws that are not only bad for Arizonans; but more significantly here, Unconstitutional, is a central legislative issue to be addressed. The energy and resources to write and then litigiously defend flaws that will ultimately be struck down saps so much energy and treasure it has to be mentioned.  

7) What Will You Do To Support Economic Development And Tourism Relative To Lake Havasu?  I plan to support the tourist/water recreation industry in LHC by promoting travel and investing in infrastructure to get tourists to LHC and take care of their utility needs while they're here. The I-11 interstate passing through our county means the potential for highway development at all levels. Highway development goes hand in hand w community development and would want to increase the spending on arts and recreation services in town which make the community more attractive to tourists and seasonal visitors. I would also work to improve social and medical services in the area which will help w our aging visitors and residents alike.

8) What would be your method of funding public education?  The federal government should take a much more robust role in funding public education. I think that equality of access to quality education is a fundamental right of US citizenship and a disastrously neglected need over the centuries. All students, rural or no, should have access to a better standard of school: maximum class sizes, a guaranteed assortment of electives and vocational classes, counseling services, school food and clothing programs, etc. This history of neglect requires resources only the federal level can address. To fund this I call for an equalization of taxes, where higher income earners continue to contribute to the tax base in their social security and capital gains rates. I call for a re-patriotization of US corporate profits, a structure to regulate and tax, cannabis, and an electronic transaction tax. Lastly I call for an end to test-driven instruction and a return to a whole student curriculum, an end to the educational agenda of the nation being directed by a for-profit consultancy class at the expense of teacher and local autonomy. An educational system that creates paupers and illiterates is a burden. An educational system that advances the potential for all Americans in effect, funds itself.

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