Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WE Have Begun … After years of watching our country slide the wrong way down one slippery slope after another, we have begun to climb, to rise.
WE have begun … after years of keeping silent and going along to get along as the GOP bullies get louder and more dangerous, we have begun to stand up and say no.
Artwork by Byron Dyes
After years of waiting for the Right to come to their senses, we have begun to fight back.
Join Me!
If you live in CD4 or 
Care about Good for America.
Speak up, make you voice heard.
Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and neighbors and all you other good people who helped make my 2012 campaign for the Democratic nomination for US House of Representatives one of the most fascinating congressional races in amazing nationwide season of progressive challenges . With your help we are launching a bigger, bolder, more exhilarating campaign than last round. Seven Counties, Nine Legislative Districts, we can make this difference. We have begun to build—
If you live in Yuma, if you live in Bullhead, If you live in Payson, Prescott or Parker, KNOW we have begun to strengthen the party for the good ALL Democratic candidates up & down the Ballot.
If You live in Cottonwood, Quartzsite, Apache Junction, Buckeye, Wickenburg, a community committee is already forming to help you get your Democratic Voice message moving. If you live in Pine, Wenden, Circle City, Seligman, your voices are being heard.
Working together we have begun to elect me, Mikel Weisser, for US House of Representatives for AZ CD-4, the Left Coast of Arizona. And we are going to need your help.
Go to the website:  & Contribute today.
 OR, simply click on the Act Blue link below.
Contact me and let me know how I am doing or better yet what you would like to do to help in the fight
Mikel Weisser
4490 Sundown Drive
So-Hi, AZ 86413

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