Friday, March 29, 2013

“If you give me $100,
 I will make you some change.”
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Again I would like to thank you for all the wonderful blessings you bestow on me. But I have come in this clumsy way to ask for more. Here’s why:
After an exhilarating, inspiring, but ultimately ineffective, race last round, I realized the best way to make a difference in this Congressional race is from the ground up and I could not do it alone. I posted a job listing on a professional campaigners’ website and the world changed right there. Soon, nearly two dozen applicants from around the country were vying for the position of congressional level campaign manager and strategizing how to turn my ragtag operation into a national level campaign. Just like you, these guys aren’t willing to bet unless it can be a horse race. Si, se pueda! Yes it can be done.
Step One is Now:
As of three weeks ago, I have a volunteer office manager, Julie Thompson, with non-profit and fundraising experience and we are lined up to hire a national level fundraising team, Dark Horse Campaigns, who was brought to us by an A-list media consultant, Jennifer Smith of Wild Bunch Media, who is aware of the race and me as a candidate and believes we can communicate a vision to change America. We are set to kick this campaign into high gear at the end of May when school is out and I have already sent in my letter of resignation. That’s right. I am leaving teaching entirely to focus on campaigning.  Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of our country. This is a race that must be fought.
The fund raisers need to start now, setting up events and infrastructure. The media consultant needs to start now, for me to be ready for me to begin campaigning full-time come June. I can afford to pay the balance of the start-up costs for the fundraising team then, but in the meantime to get them started I need to send them $200 every two weeks. That is one hundred dollars a week. It doesn’t have to be from one person. It can be from everyone. Can you help me?  Now is when the season begins.This is the time to act.

Give me $100. I will make you some change.

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