Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Great Canvass Quest, Day Four: The Perfect Celebratory Song

Tonight, as I finished playing my original song, "Absolutely Happy," I was stunned to realize, that I invented the last 14yrs of my life since moving to AZ exactly for that perfect moment--playing one of my favorite songs, w one of my best friends ever and truly absolutely meaning it. I was happy.

For those of you following this quest, let me reassure you, last night's blog was indeed written and preserved, right up to the moment where I went to save it into the blog and the whole computer died.

In my excitement over restoring my phone to working order, I had walked away from Yuma and left my computer charger behind. I know I will get it later, as will I get the blog from last night. Right now, I am working on a borrowed computer from my great friend, Kathy Svendsen. One of my favorite people in Prescott, Kathy has been fantastically supporting me and even housing me for over a year now when she is not working on her own progressive causes such as challenging the XL pipeline w protests and letters to the editor; weekly voter registration drives and weekly protests against war mentality in general w Grandmothers Against the War. Kathy is among their Prescott chapter.

My day started like the day before had started: waking up to remember I was worried about a terrible technological set-back--this time it was my computer not charging, not my phone not working entirely. Here I am working around the problem.
When I woke at the home of LD22 field guy, Frank Copple, I knew I would get the problem solved. The problem in question was this: like my blog mentioned above, my walk-lists that I had just created had gone down w the computer. Simple enough, Frank cut me lists for my canvasses for the day: Wittmann & Congress. That was that and away we go. Well, me. It's just a phrase, ya know?

Wittmann is a set of twisty streets stacking up to a community in the desert in the dark at nighttime.  I heard from 3 different people that they want street lights. They'd just like some parks for kids to hang-out in. Two of the people who talked about it, signed my petition, so there you have my word: I will do what I can to make something out of your issues. It's what we are supposed to do as candidates,

More soon--

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