Friday, March 7, 2014

The War Against YOU (Dr. Gosar Declares War Against Patients)

(Please understand, I hate hyperbole; so my choice of title is carefully considered)

Yesterday March 6th 2014, my opponent, Paul Gosar made the news w his new proposed bill: one designed to prevent participants in medical marijuana programs from receiving public assistance.

Note the way the cutesy title belies the fact that this is a case of a supposed doctor, turning his back on the suffering and punishing the patients for wanting to take medication to ease their suffering. Thanks, Doc. This comes on the heels of me spending the past month battling a bad bill brought by my own state senator, the dishonorable “Doctor” Kelli Ward, who just tried to throw the 40,000 AZ medical marijuana patients under the bus for a bogus hemp bill … twice. You can watch a video report of the legislative battle to protect patients from Ward’s propaganda campaign here.

Their attacks on social security, the SNAP program, Social Security, education, against women, the poor the immigrants & the LGBT community are relentless and heartless—the government as the enemy of the people. It is a war.
And, it’s waged against you.
Help Me fight back.

Defeat the Hard Right agenda and help America move forward.



  1. Are you Gay or Bi. You seem somewhat confused. Just come out of the closet and be upfront.

    1. Hey 'Lennie' is name-calling your modus-operandi or simply your religio-politico right wing proof of your personal 'inadequacies' and automatic life ignorance demons

  2. The food stamp LAW already addresses the use of any illegal drug use crimes. Medical Marijuana Use is NOT illegal. Seriously? What next? I am the founder of a Medical Marijuana Patient to Patient Coalition for Mohave County. There are more important issues in Society to address. Discrimination against Medical Marijuana just hit an all time low, Discrimination against poor families is even worse. Lets just take away Food Stamps from the Folks who use all over the counter medicinal remedies that are paid for out of pocket at Wallly World. Get the poor people for Alcohol consumption too. JUST Legalize Marijuana NOW. "Free the Leaf AZ" & take it out of the hands of Corporate Bigwigs who are out to reap huge profits. Remove it from the hands Government Bureaucratic Hypocrites who will go home tonight sip on a few cocktails, while thinking up more idiotic ideas, to take your eyes off the FACT that More Tax Dollars are wasted on "Government Spending" than the efforts to feed Jobless Families.

    1. Let me add...I am currently battling a court case in Maricopa County over a pot possession charge from 2012. I am a retired-on-disability gentleman living on Social Security and a very small pension and was arrested while picking up my allotment of medicine from a grow I participated in by paying for a portion of the grower's electric bill and even though I have had my med card from another state for several years I could not afford Arizona's fees once moving down here 8 years ago...and still can not afford the 300-350/year fee we are charged! Thus I am forced to use the "Medical Necessity Defense"...I easily qualify for a med card but I don't have the money to BUY one!. My next court appearance is March 17th...

  3. Democrats? Are you kidding? They are as corrupt as the Republicans. It's time for us to band together and fix Arizona and watch the rest of the country follow our lead.

    As an Arizona gubernatorial candidate and standing on the precipice overlooking ALL of America's future, I was asked to put out a "quote" for legalizing marijuana... Started with a one liner, but it grew--

    "Legalization of marijuana makes fiscal sense. With a projected $4 Billion in tax revenue from the plant leaf itself and another $10 Billion in tax revenue (not counting the support businesses and construction boom required) with the revival of the industrial hemp based textile industry (first two years), the plant can no longer be suppressed as just an illicit "drug".
    Hemp grows in moderate-poor climates (not fit for food crops)
    It is drought resistant, flood resistant, free of pest infestation, chokes out weeds without pesticides, needs no fertilizers, revitalizes the soil, has a 50 year crop rotation cycles know to remove toxins from the soil, based on climate it can have 3 harvest per year, 10 times more wood pulp than trees per acre, can be used for both gas and diesel 3 to 1 over corn crops, the byproduct of distillation makes high grade chicken feed, remaining fiber can be used to make canvas, rope, clothes that last up to 10 times longer than cotton, the seeds make a more nutritious flour than wheat. The real question is, "Who is profiting from the plant not being legalized, while America loses?" "

    No beanie hats or ganja clothes. No oily smell to me when I make the statement... This is strictly a common sense, health oriented and fiscal survival viewpoint.