Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Part Two of Mikel's Interview w KTOX shock jock, Luca Zanna: "The 2nd Amendment: This Time It's War!"

By introduction for the rest of the world that does not live in the very red land of Mohave County and the tri-state listening area: Luca Zanna is the survivalist, weapons-enthusiast, right-wing musician and talk show host who leads the attack on liberal values, in our area on his gun-focused radio talk-show, Love, Guns &Freedom.

If you would have asked me to talk about guns I would generally say I am not interested, especially if you asked me to speak about them politically. As a Christian I gave up my guns in my mid-20s and haven't been interested since. But as a citizen I am already sick of politicians trying to enforce their religious values on others.

As far as I am concerned, Guns Rights in America are NOT a crisis, but instead are a falsely hyped political topic devised by the Right to destroy the Left. They are constantly a source of right-wing agitation and the GOP fixation on the issue churns up profits of the gun industry while promoting a toxic atmosphere of fear and anger that keeps the attention away from the true issues: injustice, inequality, improving opportunity and improving life in general. (You know, the “provide for the common defense” and  “promote the general welfare” stuff the Right are always too busy to work on?) So, I was somewhat uneasy about the idea of doing a whole talk show on a subject that is not something I personally am into and I felt was intended to trap me.

The rightwing have turned their obsession w the bounds of personal freedom into a borderline public menace. The extremist language they use to whip their supporters into a frenzy, generally goes unchecked in a crowd fueled by testosterone, misinformation and rage.

 I figured it was time someone put a stop to it, or at least went on record as calling them on their crap. 
So I went into battle.

 In all honesty, though I was more than 50 miles away from Zanna and the KTOX studio in Needles, CA (the photo of us clowning is from my earlier interview taped 2/23/14—available here), though I was snuggled in my office in a comfy chair w a laptop and a cell phone, the intensity of this experience was as physical exhausting and exhilarating as if we had wrestled no holds barred for the whole two hours. No matter what you may think of Luca’s opinions, you can’t fault the man for facility, tenacity or inventiveness. When he realized I’d kept him buffaloed for the whole designated one hour time slot, he brought on two extra guests to try & corral me, but I buffaloed them too. I tell ya, partner, w three of them gunslingers, all w itchy trigger fingers, it took some doing to dodge their figurative bullets, especially when literally discussing ammo.
Zanna may have lost this round in our ongoing debate, but it wasn’t for want of trying. This interview was the hardest and best political war of words I have faced so far and hopefully will stand as a record of my positions on gun control and/or the culture of violence America must overcome if we will ever have true liberty for any of us.

Liberal listeners, take notes of the arguments of the Right and the ways to derail them. (NOTE: in the 2nd half of the episode where I have three of them kept confounded.) Conservatives, catch a clue: argue the real issues, don’t waste everyone’s time screaming about boogeymen that aren’t actually out to get you. Democrats don’t want your guns, we have our own. We also have the sense to realize we have other problems we HAVE to solve and don’t want to spend all our time reassuring you we aren’t your enemy on this issue.

If we are going to battle, let’s take on the real enemies, the folks who pit us against each other for their profit and our destruction. That is a war worth fighting (though obviously, as a man of peace, I am not advocating violence.) When we stop squabbling country mouse v city mouse and get the cat belled, then we’ll start getting somewhere.

In the meantime enjoy this two hour adventure in telling the right they’re wrong, taped live in high wire talk show techno-color.

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