Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Thanks again to all of you who have followed and contributed to my work so far. A campaign really is about the people who make it happen and the ideas that drive us to this commitment. In gratitude for the support you have given, this year, I make my resolutions to those of you who have helped me make this year possible and who create the bright hopes I hold for 2014.

I Resolve:
1)      To continuingly look for ways to work w others to challenge Tea Party ideas.
2)      To share the workload when possible
3)      To develop the strengths of others
4)      To be funny whenever it is possible & appropriate … and occasionally when it is not
5)      To not confuse activity w activism
6)      To not shy away from my ideas, values, issues or friends no matter who is watching
7)      To not be so wrapped up in my own BS, I can’t admit when it smells
8)      To give the benefit of a doubt unless I’d have to be absolutely crazy to swallow such BS
9)      To be demonstrably and righteously pissed off and call you on it if you tried to feed me such BS
10)   To forgive
11)   To admit my ignorance so I can learn new things
12)   To be joyous in my victories and humble in my losses/to be gracious in my victories and studious of my losses
13)   To seek fun and wisdom, especially where they merge
14)   To raise money to promote myself and other Democratic candidates and causes
15)   To not work for people or causes I don’t believe in just because they claim to be Democrat
16)   To wisely spend all the monies donated to our campaign & make the campaign as big as possible given the resources available
17)   To keep looking for more resources
18)   To cherish my wife and love my families, to embrace my dogs and my flaws and my friends and to not confuse the categories
19)   To devote my waking hours to this challenge
20)   To be more grateful. I have only this one life and so many have given so much to help it come this far.

With that mind I would like to close my year by thanking the following people who have been significant in my life this past year. The list is so long; but it is only partial. The universe has been so generous w me. It is easy to be grateful at a time like this.
Happy New Year!
Thank You, Julie Thompson, Cynthia Engstrom, Brian Scully, Bill Gauslow, Kathy Svendsen, Dennis Bohlke, Eugenio Cifelli, & Perry Wickerd. 

Josh, Jay, Jean, Joe Longoria (& Jon), Danny Baker, La Deana, Dean, Archy, Aidan & the bug, Mert & Kari, Carol & Susie, Ed, Flor, Betsy, Chris & Will, George & Leonard, Jeanie-Michelle, Butch, Butch & Andy, Joan Lewis, the late great Jim Kanelos, Capt. O'Donoughe, Kim Alsheimer, Pete, Tamara Kelly, & Gary, Bruce, Trish, Celestine Stoltenberg, Wayne Wissinger, Michael Packer, Donna Cat, Donna Grenek & Alan, Evan & Theo.  Geo Oceguerra, Audrea Cardoza, the Colemans, Chris Ash, CJ Love, Cristian Curiel, Chad Starr, Lorena Quinones, Bryan Ayala, Kai Mayer. Cheryll Zapp, Tuttie & Ms. Bennett. Pete & Carol, Hillary & Joel, Alice, Julie, Alberta, Mark, Dave Hamilton, Darcy, Pat Daly-Carle & Pat Coburn, Jon Vick, Ed Carlson, Michael & Juanita. Vicky & Long & William & the dogs, Patty Anchondo. Marshall, Kay (though you moved), Natalie, Al, Joan McDermott, Dave & Rosemary, Jim McCullough, Merritt & Paul. Ed Foster, John & Jade Jones. Tim Corrimal, Lou Show, Laffy, & Marnus3. Tucson Miles & guitar playing Miles, Joe Thomas, Andrew Morrill, Chris Mayer  & John Campbell. William Morse. Lindsay Bell, LaBeth Pondish, Jo Kelleher, Toni Denis, Ellie, Sandy, Jim Pullaro, Maggie Garvey & her folks, Ralph Hess, Dawn, Gwen & Jeri, Dick & John, James Kimes, Frances & Joel, Dennis Duvall, Jackie Zeigler, Paul Mitchell, Valerie & Joe and the all Wiesner girl choir, Glenn Miller, & Margaret & Jon Fullen. Ryan Brown, Josh Wiss, Even Dissinger, Jackson, Gabbie, Sunshine, Wildflower & her folks Maple & Sarah & Joe, Harriet Young, Steve Peru, Doug & Louisa, & Eva & Joe. Andy & Ginger & Brian's dad & sister, Vogue, Al Moyer, & all the crowd at Human Experience. Jay Cravath. Wendy & Mudje. Mark Johnson, Teri Conrads & Byron, Crystelle & Byron, Barbara Tellman, Barbara Kelly, Barbara Luben, Barbara Njos & Barb Olbinski, Donna Wickerd, Donna Crouse, Donna Crane Donna Gratehouse & Donna Stebbins. Mark, Ken, Larry, Ruthana, Arky, Rhonda and Roma. Woody, Bill Ford, & John & Teri. Jesse, Sarah Lydick, Paul Moreno, Dante Mitchell & his mom, John & Jody, Adele, Ira Bohm-Sanchez, Colby, Alicia, & Karl. Kevin, Henry, Maynard, David Coward, Mary Desio, Mike Weaver, Roberto Reveles, Carolyn Cooper, & Carolyn Gordon, my man Barry McCain, Rebecca DeWitt, Olga, Belen Sisa & Joel & her folks, Yanet & the AZ Original Dreamers, Randy, Beto, & the good folks at CBA, the good folks at PDA including Dan & Randall, Viriginia Hauflaire, Joe Murphy, John Gallagher,Toby & Hal, John & Mary, Deborah Curtis, John Rider & Rome,  Karyn & the good folks at DFA too. Alison Porter, Jim Parker, Lizzy AZ, Janey & Frank, & Janet Tillitson. Marcus, Ferrell, Luis Heredia, Fred DuVal, Felecia Rotellini, Steve Brittle, Jim Holway & Rita, their friend Guy, Guy the dog at Cynthia's house, William too of course, here daughters too. Chris Campas. Barb Meyer & Michelle Steinberg & Dr. Julie from training. Sen Shooter, Sen. Ward, Sen. Pancrazi, Sen. Hobbs, Sen. Bradley, & Sen. Crandall. Rep. Dial, Rep. Otondo, Rep. Quezada, Rep. Gallego (& Kate), Rep. Cardenas, Rep. Steele, Rep. Mach, Rep. Myers, Rep. Carter. Rep. Sherwood, Rep. Mendez, Rep. Larkin, Rep Fann, Rep. Goodale, Rep.  Borrelli, Rep. Wheeler, & Rep Pierce. The incomparable Jackie Adams & DJ Quinlan, Chris, Frank, Sam, Dan, the late great Fred. Eli Blake. Bill Roe,  Adam Kinsey & Emily, Jim & Pam, Michael Gordy, Audra Antone, Bob Clark & Shawn Earl, Tom & John, Ezra Letra (u rock!). John Howlett, Eric Johnson, Rain, Kimmie, Aari, Russel Davis, James Davis, Krissy, Krystine Kuhl & Damien, & Michael. Alison, Alice, Jeff, Geoff, Geoff, Jeff & Karen. CJ, Eddie & Cj's puppies, Sharon, Ben, Aurora & Sharon's puppies, Mike Mogliotti & Ray, Peter Wilson & Brooklyn. (Bo & Cindy) Kathy & Dave, Andrew Myers, Steve Muratore, Thomas Meadows, Ray Chubb, & Dave W, Michelle Anderson, Jon Tackett, Howlett's kids, Jerry & Sue, Jonne, Brittany, Lori Justus, Christie. Seth Walker, Jese Parent, Jessica Standifird, Aaron Johnson, Carol Hogan, Chrissy, Bill Campana, Jack Evans, Shawnte Orion, Klute, Rowie, Tristan, Crystal, Lauren, CFG, Azami, Gary Every, Carol Fish, Chris Harbster, Angela, Susan Cloud & David, Gary, Michael & Steve. S.A. & Lorraine, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Michael C Ford, Angel & Nick, Ellyn, Murray, Richard, Matt, Phillip, Elaine, & Beyond Baroque. Ethan, Al, Scott Simpson, Joe Coffey, Christine Collins & the dozens of donors & all the other super important people I can't list right now.

Beth, Victoria & Shane, Valerie & Atlantis (& Robin), Jan & John, Sam & Ramie, Evan, Sean, Elise, Jo-Jo, Lefty, Bailey, Moose & even Wheatie. & yes, the cats (but not that one cat), the fish and the chickens, especially the ones we've eaten this year. Thank you.

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  1. Happy New Year Mikel, lets take on 2014 with perseverance and steadfastness.
    Joe Longoria