Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Newsletter

Hello Everybody,
Another exciting month I tell you. Since the election we have been pressing for every idea we could develop,  which continued to advance the issues we tried to promote in the congressional campaign: social justice, economic fairness, celebratory diversity, Democrat cheerleading, GOP jeer-leading, bad rhymes, loud music, art & fun.  Larger than politics, I joined into this effort of the Democrats and launched my own personal campaign within it, to help our world get better, not just try to get votes. With your help and support we have accomplished some things I wanted to share. Right now, tonight as I type, I think we are doing just that, accomplishing some things, changing the world.
So first, to acknowledge the realities of politics in the Mohave County, as yet another election goes by and Dems only gather around 30-40% of the vote in this county, it became apparent to me that  it was not only me who could not win in the new AZ CD4 without Mohave County, no Democrat in the region could until we revitalize the party and change the overall culture. So, rather than wait for someone else to start working on it, since the election I have thrown myself into our local District One Party and Mohave County Central Committee. Towards that end I stepped up to fill a vacancy and, first, served as acting county/district one secretary and now, as of Dec. 5th , I have been elected by acclaim to both those positions. I also am thrilled to say my best friend and great inspiration Beth Weisser has been re-elected to her position as county party first vice-chair.
Mohave County Democratic Party:
Next, while many Dems can trot out carloads of reasons we need to sound moderate and be gentle with the GOP around us, I feel those guys have been willfully impoverishing the country and wreaked untold suffering among the public and, more so, will only stop when confronted and if possible, as often as possible, be belittled in as comic a way as possible so the public will begin to see their policies for the jokes they are and stop falling for the all snake oil. So, with 2012 congressional campaign officially over I have re-activated my political humor column, Current Comedy (now in its 22nd year) Already there are two new columns available online at my own blog sites of course, The Left Coast of AZ (the renamed blog page from the original campaign blog) & the Current Comedy site (which recently celebrated its 5th year online). But even more, Current Comedy is also being featured on such national sites as Op-Ed News and Daily Kos and has returned at last to my hometown Kingman Daily Miner. Please visit KDM and post a comment.
From the Left Coast of AZ:

On the issues of social justice, ethical economics and public health and safety, I have joined in the push for cannabis reform and pooled my efforts with a long-time Dolan Springs activist (who also happens to be my campaign assistant) Perry Wickerd, and LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) regional spokesperson, Jay Fleming, to promote MMJ (medical marijuana) awareness and reform. Our nation is coming to a new age and the legalization and regulation of social cannabis is the only way to win the drug war. Arizona’s fledgling MMJ laws, while a great move forward, are still draconian at best and filled with unnecessary obstacles for patients and unreasonable impediments for the commerce of this already robust and expanding industry. So far, since Jan Brewer finally allowed Prop 203 to take effect of sorts this past January, over $5,000,000 have been generated in state revenue despite the best efforts of Brewer and the GOP to cripple every aspect of the initiative. However, a dispensary license has approved for Dolan Springs, so the public there need to be informed of its impact on their society, their rights and responsibilities, and have some of the persistent myths of the drug war debunked. With that in mind, we have disorganized a Dolan Springs town hall meeting Thursday, Dec 13 5:30-7:00 at the Ranch Club in downtown Dolan Springs. Today news of that upcoming meeting was front and center on the local Kingman Daily Miner website and our efforts are just beginning. If you can attend this meeting, come and share your voice. The restaurant at the Ranch Club loves this idea so much they are holding a $5 pizza buffet for that night. While the meeting will be held to feed your head, if you come with the munchies you can also feed your belly for the cheap.
Lastly in our continuing efforts to promote art and diversity of culture, we are thrilled to announce we are resuming our collaboration for the 6th year with Kingman wunderkind, our resident rocket scientist Bruce Carter and the Mohave County Library to organize and host Kingman’s immensely popular book festival KABAM, (“Kingman-Area-Books-Are-Magic!”) In addition, also thanks to Bruce and his dear wife Frances,  our very own So-Hi Peacesign Themepark will be hosting a visiting artist Mata Ortiz pottery exhibit and demonstration Dec. 22nd late afternoon. Details on these two are TBA.
But hey, what an exciting month! Help us keep the activity going. Spread the word, The Mikel Weisser Campaign is making a difference today. Join us now and we will make an even bigger one tomorrow. Please understand, I know I don’t know what I am doing, but I am doing my very best at trying to figure it out as I get there. Thank you ALL for teaching me as I go. This campaign is about us making the changes we want to see: universal health care, a fully rounded, fully staffed, fully funded public education, an ethical economy, a social justice system where all are fairly treated and a vibrant arts community where expressions are championed and embraced. I think we can move this world in that direction.  Let’s try—
Thx again for everything, happiest of holidays. See ya next year!


  1. "our very own So-Hi Peacesign Themepark will be hosting a visiting artist Mata Ortiz pottery exhibit and demonstration Dec. 22nd late afternoon. Details on these two are TBA."

    Are the details posted anywhere?

    What is the So-Hi Peacesign Themepark?

  2. No details have been posted on this Yet. I will make an announcement this week in time to plan.

    The So-Hi Themepark is a fancy name for my two acre property, which i have been turning into an conceptual art space for the past several years. There are 1000s of peacesigns, and performance and visual arts displays built around the property. & yes, there is even a gift shop. If you Google us in maps use the earth map and you can see the larger peacesigns, including the one farthest to the north is the world's largest white trash peacesign: 4490 n sundown drive golden valley, az 86413. So-Hi is a community in Golden Valley.

    Here are some pics:!/media/set/?set=a.1223081786572.2034683.1514804469&type=3

    Here is some video:

    & here is a biio of me that shows a good bit of the art on the property: