Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Safer AZ Announces 2016 Drive at PHX NORML 9/2/14 (Mikel Weisser)

Safer AZ is pushing to be a functioning political action committee that helps shape marijuana policy in Arizona.

Our constituency is the cannabis community in all aspects of that rather expansive group. As patients ourselves our primary concerns are w patients, of course, but Safer Arizona aims to make marijuana legal for all people in AZ—smokers and vaporizer users, edibles users, folks w cannabis infused health and beauty products. Even more we want to make marijuana safer for the stores that sell marijuana and the attendant industry and boutique businesses that have grown up around cannabis and are all often demonized.

When terminated our 2014 petition drive, we said we would continue to push for marijuana legalization in AZ we quickly decided to develop an understanding of the upcoming MPP effort. Starting in June we began actively working to develop an understanding of MPP’s efforts and sensing them to be sound, pro-marijuana and pro-Arizona, we have begun to promote MPP in the state. This is often a difficult sell because of lingering frustrations w provisions in the AMMA, the problematic campaign that nearly lost the initiative at the very end and the tense relationship that has developed between certain figures associated w the 2010 Prop 203 campaign as well as the hostility between patients and the dispensary industry.
This speech was meant to give the public, both in person and online, an overview of Safer AZ’s view of the upcoming MPP guided campaign.
Feel free to contact me through our normal congressional campaign channels, but also through:
for cannabis related issues. We really are going to legalize it. Join us—

Mikel Weisser
Director, Safer Arizona


  1. Matt Salmon was one of those that took down FDR's Glass-Steagall Act which is the cause of our current and pending financial collapse.

  2. It can be said the we need to throw all current members of Congress. They are morally corrupt and by the fact that they continue to support the terrorism sponsored by Saudi Arabia. The Drive to disclose the 28 pages of the 9/11 Report that Bush Redacted has only been co-sponsored (HCR 428) by 17 members of Congress. James should ask Matt Salmon why he has not taken the time to view the 28 pages that would give him an understanding in votes pertaining to Saudi Arabia.


  3. Safer AZ should openly come out for HR 129 https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr129 and come to an understanding that one needs to follow the money and understand that the financial institutions are eliminating their competition.
    Hemp is an example of a product that has many uses that are opposed by those industies owned by the financial industries.
    One needs to see all the commercial benefits of Industrial Hemp and then look at those that benefit from the banning of it.
    Canibis has the same correlation.