Friday, April 26, 2013


As I prepare for the six hour drive to Sierra Vista to give a speech to the quarterly state wide convention of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), I know so many of you wish I wasn’t including cannabis reform in my platform. Educational travesties, immigration outrages, reproductive rights, foreign policy inhumanities, there are SO many other issues to choose from, so many crises needing triage.
I know that is true, but we must bloom where we are planted, act on the issues at hand & I am a medical marijuana patient, so I have learned a bit about the issue on a very personal level. The issue of cannabis reform encompasses so many other issues solving Cannabis Legalization is solving one of the greatest tragedies of our times. The issue hides well in the shadows but the true number of Americans targeted in the War on Drugs who battle over cannabis is measured in the tens of millions, with eight hundred thousand falling each year, lives destroyed by an arrest for cannabis possession, reputations ruined, property seized, careers destroyed, suffering patients denied comfort & cure.  Cannabis prohibition does not make our country safer or happier. It empowers criminals and prison keepers, both of whom makes money off of enslaving the common man. It turns the common citizen into an outlaw fearful and distrust of their government. For medical justice, social justice, and economic justice, America is ready to move into the 21st century and face cannabis reform, admit our government has a “War on Drugs” problem  and begin to heal these 76 years of injustice since cannabis, a medicine used internationally for thousands of years, was made illegal. Every step we take towards ending the madness, establishing structures  for taxation and regulation, and encouraging the business development and scientific innovation cannabis offers.
This is why I have been working with LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) for nearly a year to connect citizens to activists and activists to legislators to get revisions in state Medical Marijuana laws. This is why I have independently taken the issue directly to the statehouse for talks with state representatives to help the public’s voice be heard. This is why I am heading to Sierra Vista and why I hope we will all be a little more NORML in the future. Please help me further this fight.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Press Advisory:Weisser to Address AZ NORML Meeting

Press Advisory: Medical Card Carrying Congressional Candidate Mikel Weisser to Address AZ NORML
Contact: Mikel Weisser, 928-234-5633,
Congressional Candidate Mikel Weisser Addresses AZ NORML
Sierra Suites
391 E. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
Saturday, April 27, 2013
3:00pm until 6:00pm
Outspoken reform candidate for US House of Representatives (AZ-CD-04), Mikel Weisser, will out in Sierra Vista, speaking at the AZ State Chapter of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) for their upcoming quarterly meeting, Saturday April 27th. A two-time Congressional candidate in  Congressional District 4, Weisser is also an Arizona Medical Marijuana patient to treat chronic pain from a long time back injury in June of 2012 and takes the issue of medical health very seriously.
“I knew with my back I could get one any old time, but I had to decide if it was an issue I was really ready to take on. I first injured it in 1976 during in high school marching band practice. I've visited regular doctors, specialists, physical therapists and a chiropractor over the years for the back. It was a major decision to get the medical card, but having one is the only way I can truly speak out on the issue.” Since getting his medical card just under a year ago, Weisser has worked to push for reforms in the controversial laws, addressing NORML meetings and taking the issues straight to the legislators themselves, arranging sit-down meetings on the issues with his own state representatives, as well as state representatives from around the sprawling 4th District. Working with retired law enforcement officer turned medical marijuana advocate, Jay Fleming from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Weisser has also organized town hall meetings and worked to connect all the activists on the issue to focus on politicians to press for change.
 “Our country is headed right off of a cliff and it is being driven by the people who sell the public the war on drugs. My day job is teaching kids American history and to love our country. Sooner or later we get around to discussing Prohibition. This prohibition is just like that one. Prohibitions create three things: outlaws, criminals, and prisons and those last two are the folks who make money off of the prohibition. Average citizens become outlaws when they are taught to fear and disrespect their government because of this unjust law. The cannabis prohibition inflicted on the American people for these last 75 years has been incredibly destructive to our country and it’s time to move into the 21st Century. I think America is ready for a shift. I heard in 2010 more people voted for medical marijuana that voted for Jan Brewer.”
Weisser first connected to NORML during the 2010 push for Prop 203, the citizens’ initiative that created the state medical marijuana laws (MMJ). That drive was led by Gilbert activist and state NORML chair, Kathy Inman. That same year, Weisser’s wife, Beth Weisser, a non-smoker, included support for Prop 203 in her state senate campaign and debated Ron Gould over it at repeated public forums. Later in her 2012 run Beth Weisser took headlines with her outspoken stance for cannabis reform—full legalization and regulation.  “But back then I was really nervous back then to actually go to a protest for pot in Arizona,” Weisser laughs, ‘but Kathy is fearless.” When Inman became the state chair in 2012 Weisser was quick to reconnect. “It takes a big personality to take on changing the world like that. But she doesn’t make it about leading as much as getting things done. NORML’s lucky to have her.”
NORML, a nationally recognized non-profit 501 c3, works to promote knowledge of “the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of recreational use and value of industrial hemp.” Founded in 1970 on a grant from the Playboy Foundation, the organization now boasts 135 chapters and over 550 lawyers. As a 501c3, NORML cannot offer Weisser an endorsement or direct support, but Weisser expects to receive plenty of support from individual members. In 2012 he spoke with various NORML groups and connected with other stake holders on the issue. “Cannabis is business and it ought to be allowed to flourish. The same folks who gripe about regulations stifling business, should look at the mess they’ve made of these laws governing how patients and businesses can interact.”
Weisser contends seven portions of the state regulations need to be modified including the 25 mile grow limit, the $150.00 annual fee, access of public information about clinics and dispensaries, medical insurance coverage among others. “A set of laws governing the way patients get treatment and business can operate should work to provide the best support a punishment.”
Among the various representatives Weisser has approached, the greatest support has come from across the aisle from LD 5 Representative Doris Goodale, who has met with Weisser repeatedly on the issue. “Yes, we MUST concentrate on mental illness and medication to curb the violence we have on going now. We must support educational reform, common core, so our kids get better educated. We need to work with reducing prison populations and criminal justice reform.”
While Arizona is one of the seventeen states that now provide patients access to medical marijuana, federal law still holds the substance as illegal. As a candidate for US House, Weisser will directly be able to challenge and possibly revise US law, should he win election. “I generally try to get people to talk about the now and not the ‘what if.’ I was only interested in championing this issue if I felt I could make enough of a difference now no matter what and I think we have a strategy to address that. The failed US drug war has failed because it is a war on America itself. They’re wrong about weed and now is the time to tell them.”
Mikel Weisser for US Congress

Mikel Weisser
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Friday, April 19, 2013



The Occupy Movement walked back into my life this week. Literally. William Terzin, who more often goes by Billie, one of the nationally renown Occupy Walkers, was making the western leg of his second cross-country trek and wound up in my neighborhood. When I learned of an Occupier crossing the country for a cause I simply offered to let him stay with not having any idea who I was inviting through my door. But Billy Terzin  was a voice from the past. Last spring William and the “Walker Family” attracted media attention across the West for their dramatic social media documented tour which included Vegas, Needles, Bullhead City, & even Topock and then after a stay in Kingman to reconnoiter (which included a night at my themepark), they were off onto Flagstaff & ever on. They covered a lot of ground.
Last year’s travels started at Occupy San Diego where the Occupy Walkers formed, who then walked up to join with Occupy L.A. and immersed themselves in the protest till the L.A. encampment was torn down during the national crackdown on Occupy encampments in the winter of 2011. Some continued onto Chicago to join in the NATO protests. Some were in Philadelphia at the National Occupy Gathering Fourth of July in Philadelphia, just up the street from where I was part of the Arizona delegation at the 99% Convention. Both I & my fellow Western AZ delegate Barbara Wall had hosted the Walkers. Finding them there among the thousands was like a homecoming 2400 miles from home. All the while they traveled, the Walkers networked with activist groups in cities and towns across the country. They blogged, posted & tweeted their little hearts out and regularly stopped traffic as curious people gawked at their procession. They talked to thousands and were interviewed in dozens of communities. Their stories were shared on Facebook, Truthout & with video, as well as their ongoing blog.
This year the plan was different. The “Ides of March” is Billie’s inspiration: envisioned as a cross-country call to action, Terzin started in Oceanside, CA and he aims to end up on Congress’s front door a full year later in March 15, 2014. It had been more than a year since I had last seen William; but once again, he was a source of immense wisdom & inspiration. Wall Street Swindles, Mortgage Fraud, Corporate Lobbying, Private Prisons and the strengths and weaknesses of lateral or de-centralized disorganization (the Occupy-style group consensus approach), Billy has been there and knows about it.
This year passing through from Vegas toward Flag’ once more, Billie stopped in Kingman and got to visit both with me in So-Hi and Kingman and with my office assistant, Ms Julie Thompson for two days so he could talk to community groups up in Dolan Springs.  This Saturday, April 20th, Terzin, Occupiers around the region and the remnants of Kingman Occupy aim to gather once more in Locomotive Park at the intersection of Beale & Andy Devine to return to Kingman’s Occupy spirit and take the March for Progress back to the streets. For the better part of a year, local Kingman activists gathered in the park beside its namesake locomotive, stood smilingly on the street corner and waved signs and high-fives to the passersby and endless stream of cruising vehicles on Saturday afternoons here in Kingman.
And I had been part of that. From high school students getting their first taste of activism, to seniors nearing retirement, teachers, tourists, toddlers, mostly Democrats but not only, sometimes as many as 30, mostly 6-12 of us showed up every week because we were dedicated to the idea that the crisis in America was too large not take action, to not start working to wake the world up. One afternoon in mid-January, when our jolly little Occupy effort had outlasted many protests in bigger cities, we decided that after the rally we would gather at a nearby restaurant for late lunch. We were alive with ideas. The talk turned to the newly completed redistricting process and the potential candidates for the various races. Somebody said there was no Democrat running in our new Congressional District, CD-4. Somebody else jokingly said, “Mikel should run—“
--& here we are today. So it is good to be re-occupied with working to address the goals of the Occupy Movement.
1.    Get money out of politics.
2.    Re-instate Glass-Steagall
3.    Stop the offshoring of American jobs.
4.    Stop cutting government.
5.    Take care of our veterans and our homeless.
6.    Healthcare for all.
7.    Save grads from crushing student loan debt.
8.    End bank fees.
9.    End the wars and pass a tax to pay for them.
10.  Stop the Homeland Security driven crackdowns on people exercising their Constitutional rights to assemble and speak freely.
11.  Return ethics and honesty to journalism by reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.
12.  Close tax loopholes so that every entity, human or corporate, pays their fair share.
13.  End “police brutality” by fairly investigating reports of such.
14.  End the Patriot Act.
15.  End the Federal Reserve Bank’s existence as a non-profit corporation and move its functions into the Department of the Treasury,
16.  Abolish any “anti-homeless” law that makes sitting on a sidewalk an arrestable offense.
17.  Do NOT interrupt anybody’s Facebook, YouTube, ulead or other social networking for any reason. Stop SOPA & PIPA & ACTA!
18.  Amend NDAA and stop indefinite detention without trial

While there is far from an overall alignment of goals, you can clearly see where some of these ideas inspired the platform I would eventually run on and which still inspire me today. If these ideas still inspire you I hope you will join us at Locomotive Park, in Kingman, AZ, noon till 1pm for a Kingman Occupy Protest.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Democrats to Hold Cinco de Mayo Fiesta One Day Early

At their April 10th monthly District One Democratic Party meeting, Kingman Democrats announced their next monthly public event: a Cinco de Mayo fiesta to be held on the 4th of May in the courtyard of the county party’s Beale Street offices. “We have been focused on trying to increase public awareness of Democrats in Mohave County and this event should be a lot of fun, in addition to giving people a chance to come by the office, share a taco, maybe sing some songs and just enjoy the day with like-minded folks.” Longoria was elected to be the new county chair in December and has maintained a schedule of monthly public events since taking office.
In January the Democrats hosted an Inaugural Ball in Lake Havasu to celebrate Democratic President Obama’s re-election. In February they hosted a State of the Union speech watch-party at a t Kingman retirement community. In March Dems took 3rd place participating in the Chloride Days parade and in April Democrats had a prominently placed voter registration booth at the KABAM book festival. “In this area where Democratic ideas are so frequently left out of the discussion, we are working hard to give the public a sense of our presence. There is occasionally a mentality that average citizens need to be afraid to be identified as Democrats. Well, that’s not what America is supposed to be about. This is just our efforts to balance the equation out here.”
The “Quatro de Mayo” event will run for 5pm till 8pm and feature Hispanic themes in celebration of the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration popular in American Hispanic communities. Tacos, salsa, and “chillitos,” an invention of gourmet chef and former county chair Patrick Gonzales will be featured on the menu. Live Mexican music and pop favorites will be provided by the popular Kingman duo, Los Piso Mujado Boys (Ramon Torrez & Rogelio Acosta). County party secretary and frequent entertainer, Mikel Weisser has also offered to sit in.
The date will be a busy day for Democrats. That morning Dems will take part in Dolan Springs annual Loyal Days celebration and mid-afternoon, Mr. Weisser, who is also a second time candidate for US House of Representatives, will be holding a Chloride meet in greet event. While the schedule may appear hectic, Weisser for one isn’t worried about overload. “We’ve got Dems all over the county. It is about time we gave them a chance to celebrate!”
For more information on the upcoming Quartro de Mayo Cinco de Mayo Democratic activities in your area contact, Joe Longoria, county chair Mohave County Democratic Party, 620 E. Beale St., Suite 4 Kingman, AZ 86401, ph: 928-753-0006. Or visit the website at:

Friday, April 12, 2013

KINGMAN Kick-off Speech 4/11/13, 5th Street Books

The public came out to my first public campaign event of the new campaign season. At 5th Street Books (216 N 5th Street, Kingman, AZ.), people gathered to hear this speech and share the ideas they had to make Arizona better and bluer. With your help it can be done.
Howdy ladies and gentleman, thanks for coming out today. My name is Mikel Weisser and I want to be your democratically elected Democrat in the US House of Representatives for Arizona’s Congressional District Four. I call it the Left Coast of Arizona. 712,000 people scattered from Yuma to Utah, Parker to Payson. Seven Counties, 9 LDs, Mohave-La Paz-Yuma-Yavapai- all the parts of Maricopa where the people aren’t; and then throw in major portions of Gila and Pinal County just for the sport of it. It’s about the size of Pennsylvania. I traveled 55,000 miles last round and that hardly touched it. CD 4 is as beautiful as it is immense, as varied in people and landscapes as any region of America and it is just about as red a district as you could find.
After the Republican rout last round, currently the handicappers have the district as an “R +19.” That basically means that even with generic candidates, it didn’t matter who, say, John Wayne Gacy versus Santa Claus, if Santa was the one with the D on his chest, Christmas might be in trouble. Of course, that is actually the thrill of this chase. If it was easy anyone would be doing it. And you know me I am not just worrying about how to win this election, I am trying to change this world and that kind of strength makes you fearless. Now is the time to change this world, now is the time to be fearless. THIS … is the adventure of our lifetimes. I want you to know: this is absolutely, bar none, the most thrilling experience of my life. I am so much better a person for taking this challenge. I wish each of you could experience this for yourselves. In fact, I hope you try it and get to enjoy even a fraction of the rewards and blessings this path has brought to me.
I’ve been a life-long Democrat. I am so Democrat, I was a Democrat in utero. I remember when I was 9 years old I was watching when my hero Bobby Kennedy won that California primary. And then he walked into that kitchen … and I was watching later that same year when the election came around and even as a little kid, I could tell Nixon was a crook. I mean Richard Nixon? The guy was a dick right?
I was so certain of it, the night before the election I got a piece of chalk from the school, went out in the middle of the street in front of my home in Raymondville. TX and I scrawled, “Humphrey/Muskie is our man, Nixon in the Garbage Can!” I was sure it was going to make a difference, but did America listen to me? No!
And look where we are today. Look at what they’ve done to us. Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, look what they’ve done. Yeah, they’ve done quite a bit of damage. But I think it is not too late for us to turn that tide and bring America into the 21st Century. America is a still great place for now. That a guy like me can find myself in front of a crowd like this, this is proof Americans can still dream. I was homeless, first as a teen runaway, later a homeless vet and even as a homeless widower who lost his house when he lost his 1st wife. And now? Beautiful wife, lovely life, college degrees, house and chickens and cats and dogs.
You know how I got those things? Yeah, because I’ve got some skills and a huge mountain of good luck. Sure. But I have the American Dream, because the America I grew up in wanted to make sure I had a chance to reach for its dreams. They wanted to create a great society. They wanted all people to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of our skin. They wanted the old and sick to be cared for, they wanted the poor to be comforted. They wanted all of us children to be educated, to be the best and the brightest. We were supposed to reach for the stars!
Some folks say those days are gone forever. Can’t afford good schools for kids, can’t afford decent wages for the workers, can’t afford quality health care for anyone, can’t afford the American Dream. Now I know my country has never been perfect, I am a history teacher, America has never been perfect, but I always used to believe we at least as a people cared enough to look out for the common good; but the America our kids are growing up in, the country we are going to grow old in, is not the America I once knew. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I want you all, to seriously think about this message.
This is the message I bring you, this is what I have learned as a life-long Democrat: The Right are Wrong. It’s scary how easy it is to see these days: the right are wrong. It’s not a simple choice between pick red or blue. The people who tell you they can’t see a difference between the two parties are at least half blind. Their policies have been destroying our country and have to be stopped. Now I am not an extremist. I am a confrontationalist. You don’t have to be an extremist to see the need to confront the messes they’ve made.
Their so-called “conservative values” agenda that has been driving our nation has been driving it into the ground. 28 of the last 40 years they’ve had a president in the White House and wrecked havoc on our nation, but no matter who is in the White House, we’re battling their poison to our nation.  As a school teacher in a state where the GOP have cut 1.6 billion out of K-12 ed in just the past four years, I can assure you they want your children be ignorant. They want to public to stay sick and poor and fearful, because if you can keep a people ignorant and sick and poor and fearful then they are easier to control!
See? Wrong! They’ve been wrong on social issues. Move mountain and mole hill alike to save Terry Schiavo but vote 30 times to throw 30 million Americans under the bus, because they have to repeal Obamacare. Abstinence only sex-ed in the country that leads the world in unwed teen pregnancy. Make sure the LBGT community is forever made sure to always feel Queer. Wrong. Cut arts funding, cut ed funding, cut veterans benefits, decimate the social service network in our country and brag about their morality? Wrong. Throwing 800,000 Americans a year in jail for cannabis possession and then installing the world’s leading opium producers, the Karzai family, into office in Afghanistan. Stark raving wrong.
They’ve been consistently incredibly wrong on fiscal issues. We’re lucky Romney didn’t get a chance to run our country the same way he ran Bain-Capitol. Who would he downsize this time? Wisconsin? Deregulation of Wall Street, deregulations of banking, Chicago School type shock doctrine, quote “Free Market Capitalism” cut your way to prosperity, while their corporate donors export all the good paying jobs then whine because of our sluggish consumer spending. Chuck Glass-Steagall and let banks gamble with grandma’s pensions? What could possibly be a problem with that, huh? AND, how is it that when they ran back in 2010 promising to save the economy, what they gave us instead was 900 statehouse bills to restrict women’s reproductive rights. Yeah that’s creating jobs: con jobs.
And when it comes to foreign relations, they have been dead wrong. Don’t forget that these same guys who want to sell you Ryan Budget, and the Norquist pledge once tried to sell you 900 lies about weapons of mass destruction. I could go on and on, but, I know, I’m preaching to the choir. What I don’t know, my fellow Democrats, is what you are going to do about it? The Tammany Tiger is Loose, these elephants have gone amuck. I am going to work day in night to stop them. I am leaving teaching after a dozen years to devote myself fulltime to this battle.
And make no mistake about it people: This is a battle to the death. The death of the American Dream. America is yearning to live in the 21st Century. America is tired of prejudice, and influence and self righteousness running the lives of the many according to the whims of the few. This battle is the only battle I have ever been fighting for. This battle is one that we can win if you can help me.
I know there are lots of campaigns and they’re always asking for something, sometimes it seems all they want is your money (and don’t get me wrong: if you try to chase me down with a fistful of hundred dollar bills I will let you catch me). But that is not what I am asking for here. I am asking each of you to start your own campaign about whatever you can campaign about and get out there save America, while we still have a chance. NOW is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country. I can guarantee you every time anyone of us tries to save the world, it does get that iota better and each time we do nothing, the other side jus

t makes it worse. Like my hero Howard Zinn said, the people have the power. This disaster is still ours to avert. Let’s make this difference. It may be our last chance. Please and thank you.
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Mikel Weisser
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Guest Column by Eugenio Cifelli: Gosar Watch, Episode One: Nine of His Bad Policies

1. He is a climate change denier and blamed the AZ wild fires on "extreme environmental groups"

(History Question: Who was one of the the first world leaders to recognize the threat of climate change? Reagan's female clone Maggie Thatcher:)

That goes against him since Thatcher is a conservative icon in the US, even though had she been born in the USA, she would have been kicked out of the Republican Party for being too much of a moderate. She at least would have never had a political career in the South as a Republican.

He also opposes
 the carbon tax, even though countries such as Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, have already created and implemented such tax. Even some US businessmen support such a tax. The Netherlands uses the money it collects from its carbon tax and uses it to subsidize the alternative energy industry. 

2. He oppose cap-and-trade:

"The government should not pick market winners and losers.” Further, “global warming” now known as “climate change” is likely not in our control in any event. Historical records clearly demonstrate vast temperature swings long before Man arrived, from temperate zones in Alaska to ice ages in New York. Cap and Tax (Trade) is just another Big Government goal of taking over private markets and dictating lifestyle choices."

Cap-and-Trade was a Republican idea, and George H.W. Bush supported this and signed it into law in 1990:

3. He thinks that Iran is an existential threat to Israel and the USA.

North Korea already has nuclear capability yet is viewed as a joke, yet Iran which doesn't have nukes, and couldn't defeat Iraq during the 1980's is a legitimate threat.  Plus, the Supreme Leader issued a fatwa against Iran having nuclear weapons.

I see this as the US using Israel as a proxy to impose the USA's power in the Middle East. Iran has much wealth in oil, but it needs to diversify its energy resources. Even though North Korea has nukes, it doesn't have any natural resources for the US to exploit, plus South Korea on it's own is more than capable in defeating North Korea in a conflict.

The US would be in a better position to advise Iran to not have a nuclear program due to the hazards of nuclear energy, and there should be a movement to halt the nuclear industry in the USA and world wide. It's too dangerous to harness.

4. Gosar’s answer to this: “What steps can or should the United States take to ensure that nations such as Iran don't get nuclear weapons?

"We should support Israel, its peaceful right to exist and its right to preemptive self defense. I have done just that with my amendment in H.R. 2219, which prohibits U.S. funding if a country does not acknowledge Israel’s right to peaceful existence and H. Res. 630, which reaffirms Israel’s right under international law to defend itself from existential threats from weapons of mass destruction. We should ensure Iran is an international pariah through sanctions."

 Also, Israel already has nukes, they have built illegal settlements in Palestinian land, they've used excessive military force on the Palestinian people, and they persecute Palestinian Christians. 

Why don't the American evangelicals ever call out Israel over how it treats the Palestinian Christian community?

5. He opposes federal spending on education and wants the private sector be more involved in this matter:

So he would have
 called Dwight Eisenhower a socialist for signing the National Defense Education Act of 1958 ?

6. He wants to underfund or eliminate federal agencies like the EPA:

"by severely reducing, if not eliminating, some federal agencies such as the NLRB, the EPA, Dept. of Education, and other agencies"

So Gosar wants corporations to regulate and police themselves, because they are trustworthy and look out for the safety and well being of others.
 Ironically, a Republican President Richard Nixon created the EPA and supported the Clean Air Act of 1970. Today, he probably would have been purged by the Republican Party or would have chosen to join the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party. 
7. His position on District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, (H.R. 3803)

Here are Gosar's own word's about it:

I am deeply saddened and disgusted that this simple, humane and moral bill failed to pass the House today. I find it deplorable that our nation’s capital allows the genocide of its unborn children,” said Dr. Gosar. “These procedures undeniably rob the world of a human life in a most cruel fashion – and can often cause severe complications and health risks for the child’s mother. It is worth noting that these procedures are more lucrative to the abortion industry, however. The right thing to do is to ban these procedures.”   

  “Just yesterday, a federal judge upheld Arizona state law to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, unless the mother’s life is at risk.  As a father and a health care provider, I applaud Arizona in protecting the unborn from ending their short precious lives in excruciating pain. I hope that those in Congress who supported the District of Columbia’s genocide can one day join me and other pro-life members of Congress in banning these gruesome and inhumane procedures, which have no place in a civil society.”   

Yet, he doesn't care if the mother and her baby have to rely on food stamps in order to survive if they are poor. They are moochers and not makers like the Kochs and the Waltons.

Here's a website that deal with this matter:

8. Indulging Racists for Political Gain: Birth Right Citizenship Act 2011

This was supported by far right organization such as the John Birch Society and the American Resistance me this is just a scheme to disenfranchise Hispanics, so that they can't gain political power by creating a voting bloc. You should poin out that the oldest US city is St Augustine, Florida which was colonized by the Spanish. Spain's colonies and the Spanish language had just as much significance in the USA the British    ,0204-mehta.shtm

9. He refuses to compromise on taxes, even if they mostly affect the rich he ants to shrink the federal goverment, and have the state governments have more power.

"But by comparing spending on these needed programs to an "addiction" that is "out of control," Gosar insults the intelligence of local voters, most of whom either rely on these programs or know someone who does. And compared to spending in other countries, U.S. outlays for these programs, and its debt in general, are hardly out of control -- interest rates on U.S. Treasury bills, a key indicator of the faith by the financial markets in this country's long-term fiscal viability, have never been lower."

The federal budget would be better off if tax deductions, tax credits and exemptions were eliminated, and the USA changed it's trade policies: raise tariffs, leave the WTO and create fair trade agreements. A financial trade tax and a federal value added tax would help the country as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On Attorney General Tom Horne’s Efforts to Block Bisbee Gay Marriage Ordinance

Statement to the Press, April 3, 2013

Once again Tom Horne has shown callous indifference to the rights of Arizonans with his launching of a lawsuit to block Bisbee from implementing a civil union ordinance to protect the property rights of the city’s LGBT citizens, mere hours after its passage. Designed in keeping with the 2008 AZ Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage the ordinance creates a special civil union status to protect citizens’ rights in long-term relationships. As reported by Alia Beard Rau in the Arizona Republic, the ordinance “which goes into effect in 30 days, would cover joint property ownership, property inheritance, guardianship and adoption rights.”

 Arizona citizens should receive equal protection under the law. Bisbee’s town council was correct in addressing the needs of its citizenry. Horne, however, is continuing to inflict his worldview on the freedom of the public by using his positions of power to deprive Arizonans of their rights. His actions in Bisbee are in much the same vein as the way Horne used his position as Superintendent of Public Instruction to punish Tucson public schools for its Hispanic Studies program. Horne didn’t like the fact that if Hispanics study history they will learn of the abuses they have suffered at the hands of American bigots and even our government. So he closed the program and forbade teachers from teaching about America’s history of discrimination and went so far as to even banned books by Shakespeare and Thoreau in the process.
As Attorney General, Horne has continued to twist public policy to punish those he disagrees with. The Bisbee civil union ordinance is just the latest example. Once again Arizona’s GOP leadership is claiming their personal vision of morality dictates the rights of our citizens and once again the state of Arizona is going to file another expensive, ultimately doomed, lawsuit to justify its desire to restrict the liberty of its citizens. Bisbee city attorney John MacKinnon is already mounting a pro-bono defense for the city to refute Horne’s lawsuit. Noting Horne’s claims that the Bisbee ordinance would rewrite AZ law have no true legal standing, MacKinnon was quick to get to the heart of the issue. “This was a desire to make a political statement.” Arizonans have had enough of Tom Horne’s opinions wielding the force of law. Tom Horne has got to go.
I urge all Arizonans to join in condemnation of Horne’s latest abuse of power now, by contacting his office and filing a complaint about his actions regarding Bisbee. Their Phoenix office is at 1275 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926, phone (602) 542-5025, Fax (602) 542-4085. The Tucson office number is (520) 628-6504 and the Prescott office is (928) 778-1265. To curb Horne’s continuing abuses as Attorney General I urge Arizonans to support the campaign of Democratic candidate Felicia Rotellini as she rises to challenge him.
I further condemn Sen. Gail Griffin of Hereford, and Reps. David Gowan and David Stevens of Sierra Vista who apparently contacted Horne about the Bisbee ordinance. I call for Democratic candidates in LD 14 to rise up and show this crowd the door. It’s time AZ had a government that worked for the rights of all us.
Thank You Again for Your Continuing Support. AND, Thank You City Council of Bisbee for trying to looking Arizonans legal rights, even if Tom Horne won’t.
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