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Press Advisory:Weisser to Address AZ NORML Meeting

Press Advisory: Medical Card Carrying Congressional Candidate Mikel Weisser to Address AZ NORML
Contact: Mikel Weisser, 928-234-5633, mikelweisser@gmail.com
Congressional Candidate Mikel Weisser Addresses AZ NORML
Sierra Suites
391 E. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
Saturday, April 27, 2013
3:00pm until 6:00pm
Outspoken reform candidate for US House of Representatives (AZ-CD-04), Mikel Weisser, will out in Sierra Vista, speaking at the AZ State Chapter of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) for their upcoming quarterly meeting, Saturday April 27th. A two-time Congressional candidate in  Congressional District 4, Weisser is also an Arizona Medical Marijuana patient to treat chronic pain from a long time back injury in June of 2012 and takes the issue of medical health very seriously.
“I knew with my back I could get one any old time, but I had to decide if it was an issue I was really ready to take on. I first injured it in 1976 during in high school marching band practice. I've visited regular doctors, specialists, physical therapists and a chiropractor over the years for the back. It was a major decision to get the medical card, but having one is the only way I can truly speak out on the issue.” Since getting his medical card just under a year ago, Weisser has worked to push for reforms in the controversial laws, addressing NORML meetings and taking the issues straight to the legislators themselves, arranging sit-down meetings on the issues with his own state representatives, as well as state representatives from around the sprawling 4th District. Working with retired law enforcement officer turned medical marijuana advocate, Jay Fleming from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Weisser has also organized town hall meetings and worked to connect all the activists on the issue to focus on politicians to press for change.
 “Our country is headed right off of a cliff and it is being driven by the people who sell the public the war on drugs. My day job is teaching kids American history and to love our country. Sooner or later we get around to discussing Prohibition. This prohibition is just like that one. Prohibitions create three things: outlaws, criminals, and prisons and those last two are the folks who make money off of the prohibition. Average citizens become outlaws when they are taught to fear and disrespect their government because of this unjust law. The cannabis prohibition inflicted on the American people for these last 75 years has been incredibly destructive to our country and it’s time to move into the 21st Century. I think America is ready for a shift. I heard in 2010 more people voted for medical marijuana that voted for Jan Brewer.”
Weisser first connected to NORML during the 2010 push for Prop 203, the citizens’ initiative that created the state medical marijuana laws (MMJ). That drive was led by Gilbert activist and state NORML chair, Kathy Inman. That same year, Weisser’s wife, Beth Weisser, a non-smoker, included support for Prop 203 in her state senate campaign and debated Ron Gould over it at repeated public forums. Later in her 2012 run Beth Weisser took headlines with her outspoken stance for cannabis reform—full legalization and regulation.  “But back then I was really nervous back then to actually go to a protest for pot in Arizona,” Weisser laughs, ‘but Kathy is fearless.” When Inman became the state chair in 2012 Weisser was quick to reconnect. “It takes a big personality to take on changing the world like that. But she doesn’t make it about leading as much as getting things done. NORML’s lucky to have her.”
NORML, a nationally recognized non-profit 501 c3, works to promote knowledge of “the benefits of medical cannabis, the safety of recreational use and value of industrial hemp.” Founded in 1970 on a grant from the Playboy Foundation, the organization now boasts 135 chapters and over 550 lawyers. As a 501c3, NORML cannot offer Weisser an endorsement or direct support, but Weisser expects to receive plenty of support from individual members. In 2012 he spoke with various NORML groups and connected with other stake holders on the issue. “Cannabis is business and it ought to be allowed to flourish. The same folks who gripe about regulations stifling business, should look at the mess they’ve made of these laws governing how patients and businesses can interact.”
Weisser contends seven portions of the state regulations need to be modified including the 25 mile grow limit, the $150.00 annual fee, access of public information about clinics and dispensaries, medical insurance coverage among others. “A set of laws governing the way patients get treatment and business can operate should work to provide the best support a punishment.”
Among the various representatives Weisser has approached, the greatest support has come from across the aisle from LD 5 Representative Doris Goodale, who has met with Weisser repeatedly on the issue. “Yes, we MUST concentrate on mental illness and medication to curb the violence we have on going now. We must support educational reform, common core, so our kids get better educated. We need to work with reducing prison populations and criminal justice reform.”
While Arizona is one of the seventeen states that now provide patients access to medical marijuana, federal law still holds the substance as illegal. As a candidate for US House, Weisser will directly be able to challenge and possibly revise US law, should he win election. “I generally try to get people to talk about the now and not the ‘what if.’ I was only interested in championing this issue if I felt I could make enough of a difference now no matter what and I think we have a strategy to address that. The failed US drug war has failed because it is a war on America itself. They’re wrong about weed and now is the time to tell them.”
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