Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Original text of my 10/28/13 Speech to the Orange County Democrats!

My name is Mikel Weisser and I am an Arizona Democrat taking on Paul Gosar and the Tea Party crazies. 

I know we’re all used to thinking of congressional candidates in suits and ties (good luck David Peiser!), but I’ve been a working man all my life and out in AZ we got our work cut out for us. Last year I was a school teacher telling my kids how they had to stand up for our country and I saw our party needed a fighter, a showman, a superhero and a miracle to turn things around. So I figured I was the right guy for the job. Now I can tell you a whole lot more about my campaign after the meeting.

But I didn’t make this thousand mile round trip for two minutes of your time to brag about me, I came here to talk to you about why you should pay attention to what we are doing in AZ. Turning places like AZ and Texas blue should be the #1 goal for Dems all over America. I happened to know a couple tough as nails Dems out here so you’re the ones I’ve come to ask to help us.

We ARE changing things in AZ, but we could do it A LOT faster if you helped.

Like, in my district, AZ 4, in Quartzsite we have an embattled Democratic mayor, Ed Foster, who was arrested by his own GOP chief of police and city manager when he discovered their graft. But thanks to national media putting attention on Ed’s struggle, Foster got the tables turned and now the chief out on his ear and the town is turning around.

In Queen Creek, at the other end of my district, there’s a young Dreamer, Belen Sisa, who is taking on my opponent Paul Gosar on his inhumane immigration policies and now Move On.Org and the USA Today are following her story and maybe our world will change. Maybe. We need places like Orange County to give us their money, time and treasure, of course, but first we want you pay attention to AZ as we fight this change. Share our stories, tell others our struggle matters. 

They say Arizona is always turning into California. I sure hope you’ll help us make that change sooner than later. It’s a desert out there. 

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