Saturday, July 6, 2013

2nd Kingman Night of Open Mic at Beale St. Brews

A 2nd night of music mayhem, by Mikel Weisser, Alan Bensch & Mike Shafer, performing as "Here," or possibly as "Al & Mics," an open mic pick-up band as part of Kingman's 1st Friday weekend.
After their successful 2nd 1st Friday show at The Dems' (620 E. Beale) last night (7/5/13), the group will come together to rip through their assortment of rowdy Beatles, Skynyrd,  Dead, Traffic, Other Classic Rock & Originals.
Beale St. Brews long Kingman's premier happening spot in Old Town Downtown Kingman & long the center of arts activities, including monthly art exhibits, live performance and local author spotlights, hosts an open mic most Saturdays & has long worked w Beale St. to give Kingman the best available art/music/& poetry that Kingman has to offer.

Alan Bensch, a long-time Kingman/ AZ rock performer brings musical chops to Weisser's wildman sound. Weisser stretches vocal lines across of Bensch's muscular licks and Shafer tops everything w an electric lead as adventurous as it is hooky. Sure, this sounds like hype. Hey, I'm the guy writing it.

So see for yourself, our 2nd show this weekend, at Beale Street Brews, 
                                                                               Saturday 7/6/13
                                                                               410 E Beale
                                                                               Kingman, AZ
                                                                               (Call 928-234-5633 for more details)
Join me.

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