Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Will It Take?

What will It Take?
I have asked myself that question many times. What does it take to rise up against the injustice of our 21st Century society? What does it take to take on Arizona’s red state red neck good old boys like a single David against a whole herd of Goliaths?
 In Arizona, putting up with the status quo means putting up with a lot of BS, tolerating repressions and rip-offs and exploitation and egos thick enough to choke a donkey. They want to cut education, they want to punish Hispanics for wanting to learn their culture, they even want to prevent cities from enacting their own municipal protections for their own citizens at the same time they deny federal control over states’ governments. No wonder the GOP keep working to eviscerate education: anyone with a lick of sense would know this makes no sense.
But what does it take to fight back? In bread & circuses world we live in, it often seems like life is good enough, that challenging the system is a waste of time. It we live in an age where we see signs of change every day. Rhode Island approves LGBT rights; New York prohibits fracking; Colorado calls a truce in the War on Drugs. Change is possible. Change is happening right now, with us or without us. In Mohave County, in Yavapai County newer spirits are joining older voices and everyone’s message is getting heard. In Pinal County passionate new leadership is bringing humanity to politics as usual. America is changing, for us or against us, based on what we do right now.

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