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Weisser for US Congress July 2012 Newsletter

The “Ask for Money” Portion
My, it has been a long time since I sent out a letter to everyone, hasn’t it? To those of you who thought I had dropped off the face of the earth, or out of the campaign, rest assured, I have never been busier. In fact I have been so busy with SO many things, I let our communications slide this past month. My apologies. Thx for your continuing support.
 Those of you expecting that this letter would be an “ask,” a fundraising instrument were entirely correct. I know you are wondering why you should do it. Here’s why: Our campaign is bringing life back the Democratic Party in Western Arizona at a time when we need it more than ever. Talk to Yavapai County chair, Lindsey Bell, Mohave chair Ed Pyrzynski, or Chris Tilley out in Payson. When I come to talk, people get excited.  As I’ve traveled the state cheerleading and aiding local candidates, talking tough and taking on the opposition, Democrats around the district are coming out to events, rising to their feet, running for office, putting up signs and being excited again about believing in Democracy once more. That is what you are investing in when you contribute to my campaign.
As the campaign prepares for our final month before the primary, we are need to finish strong, to continue making those public appearances and cheering on the home team. Even more importantly, we hope to use this final month of campaigning to build into the following week when our campaign will join thousands of other hard charging Democrats at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to prepare to mount our best possible battle against the GOP nominees.
But there’s more to it than this. Though I am not greatly worried about my primary, the GOP are and they are already starting their attacks against me. Last week in Salome at a Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, GOP state senate candidate, Dr. Kelli Ward and state representative candidate Ronny Borrelli, led an elephant parade of GOP bullies who used their time at the mic to call for my firing as a teacher because as Ward phrased it, I had espoused “Democratic Talking Points.” Ward and Borrelli used these words as applause lines and the audience cheered them on. To be absolutely sure about what this means: to Ward and Borrelli, to the rank and file GOP, simply being a Democrat or even talking about Democratic ideas is all it takes for someone to want you silenced and have your life ruined. Throw in last week’s hate-mail that was so intense the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is forwarding the case onto the FBI and we are no longer dealing with a mere fashion choice of red v blue. America is engaged in a culture war and the other side is collecting bullets.
While it is a bit unnerving to see GOP candidates running on a platform of calling for my firing, this is actually an unfortunate though necessary phase in the process of challenging the rightwing dominance here in CD-04. The harder they work to demonize our campaign, the more the public will get a chance to see how awful we already know they are. This month will see candidate forums across the district and similar battles. Without your help the GOP attack dogs will go unchallenged and their poison will be the only voices heard by the voters. With your help, we can afford to fight back.

The “More Like a Regular Newsletter” Portion
So, that’s what’s ahead. But just where have I been for the whole last month? Well, I have been from coast to coast, to our nation’s capitol, the cradle of the Revolution, and to the birthplace of Liberty. Translation? After an unexpected overnight lay-over in Boston (by way of Long Beach & NYC), the month opened with the National Education Association convention in Washington DC and the 99% Delegation’s Continental Congress 2.0 which coincided with the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia. I spoke to the Arizona delegation and the Peace and Social Justice Caucus at the NEA convention. That same week in Philly, I chaired the committee on and wrote the section about immigration at the 99% convention in addition to authoring the passage on media monopolies. I was one of the speakers at our public petition for redress of grievances at Independence Hall in front of the monument to the First Amendment and am still on the continuing committee on education. Earlier in the week I led 100s of Veterans for Peace, Occupy protesters and police in riot gear in singing “This Land is Your Land” at that same spot.
Later after returning to DC, we dropped in at the Democratic Party National headquarters and caught a meeting with western regional director, Andrew O’Leary. Next came the most important part of trip when we stopped in Central Illinois to visit my little nine month old grandson for two days before leaping back onto the campaign trail. Since returning, we have appeared in Dolan Springs, Payson, Cottonwood, Prescott, Phoenix PDA, Bullhead City, Wikieup, Tempe, Salome, and Seligman. I glad-handed it up at the AZ Capitol Times candidate event, appeared twice on Phoenix talk radio and been interviewed twice on DC shows and once on a show from NYC, telling the world that Arizona has Democrats worth cheering for.
In addition to paying for all those travels, many of you have noticed we are beginning to hand create and post signs around the district.  Signs are posted in So-Hi, Kingman, Dolan Springs, Whitman, Wickenburg, Wickieup, Aguila, Salome, Cottonwood, Payson, Ponderosa Park, Prescott, Circle City, Chino Valley, Paulden, Bullhead City & Fort Mohave. The fans in Phoenix are rocking them as well even though it's out of the district, just for the Indy cred. So far, we have 86 signs, mostly double-sided, but aim to create and post 150 prior to the primary.
Gas, signage, truth talking with that special touch of smart-ass? It’s true I am a hard driving man with a noble goal and all the spheroids one man can carry, but I can only do so much alone. $10 bucks buys 10 signs worth of paint, $30 a round-trip to Dolan Springs, BHC or LHC., $60 for PHX, Prescott, Payson, or Yuma. $100 keeps me in business cards. Your good will keeps me going. How far is up to you. If you feel this campaign is making a difference, I ask you to contribute now.
Either way, I hope you continue to work your hardest to make this difference. I promise you all I will.
Mikel Weisser for US Congress

Mikel Weisser
4490 Sundown Drive
So-Hi, AZ 86413

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