Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Notes 4/6/12 12:21a
Today we heard good news of Obama signing the STOCK Act to limit Congressional Insider Trading and a number of state AGs from around the country beginning to work together to overturn Citizens United. And i walked my own neighborhood: So-Hi, AZ: so named because it is so high above the Golden Valley of Golden Valley, AZ. Every time i look out my front door i am living a line from a Woddy Gutherie song.
We are preparing for a weekend in Yuma to join the Yuma Dems at the Yuma County Fair. This trip will also be the prototype for the roadshow design for the summer's campaigning plan: travel by van to various towns and cities in our district. Meet with local Democrats to energize a base and contact the public, possibly earn some media. Be prepared to be as cheap as possible including living in the van and relying as much as possible on campaign donations and in-kind generousity, creating a ruckus whenever possible with roadside concerts, protests, attending local Dem meetings and walking neighborhoods.
It is as grassroots as it gets. But i think it can help me change the whole world and all that.
ATTN Yuma:
I am aiming to talk to Yumans about immigration and see if we can come up with some humane ways to treat the economic refugees who struggle within our purposefully obtuse immigration system. As i said back in 2007 in Dissident Voice, "If you want to stop illegal immigration, make immigration legal."
In case you missed it, here is a link to my recent article critiquing Paul Gosar in the Payson Round-Up:

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